Very Like a Whale

“If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes. If we opened me up, we’d find beaches.”  Agnès Varda, from The Beaches of Agnès

Very Like a Whale is a book of essays on looking toward the sea.

I spoke with Degree Critical editor Jessica Holmes about the book, vulnerability, and writing’s relationship to coincidence & chance. You can read it here.


There is personality in accepting the pull of the oceanic feeling and the interconnectedness of one’s being to the external world, all the while noting that the experience can be tiresome. In spite of our throes, the contact keeps us awake and living. This is where desire begins.

The majority of Earth’s surface is comprised of a vast, amorphous body of water, but Kaitlyn A. Kramer’s personal relationship to the ocean remains contained—in a place kept close to heart. Meandering through a series of observations on film, literature, and art relating to the deep abyss, Kramer is a lifeline as she navigates life’s anxieties and questions, revealing that most of her answers still find her lost at sea.

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